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Program Management Office and Portfolio Management

  • Establish and manage projects and programs effectively

  • Prioritize projects and align them with the organization's goals

  • Plan resources for all projects to eliminate project overload

Change Management

  • Ensure Implementation addresses needed organization and/or work process change

  • Communicate the need for change and how the change will effect personnel and external partners

  • Understand previous barriers to change and how to mitigate them

  • Improve communication of technology changes using stakeholder analysis and communication plans 

Process Mapping and Improvements

  • Define how work processes are performed in the current environment

  • Design improvements to work to incorporate changes for new technologies

  • Involve staff to engage in new ways of work

Project Management

  • Apply proven methods for managing projects to drive success for your organization

  • Engage all stakeholders to assure participation

  • Oversee tasks, dates, responsibilities, and milestones of a project

Meeting and Process Facilitation

  • Drive the success of technology by focusing on the people and processes

  • Enable the communication of technology changes by assuring stakeholders have the proper communication and visibility

  • Enable effective meetings using Compression Planning© techniques 

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