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  • Wepfer and Associates LLC, President

  • Matthews International, CIO, Technology and Innovation

  • Dormont Manufacturing – Watts Water Technologies, CIO, Business & Technical Services

  • Dick Corporation, VP, IT

  • Westinghouse Electric, Various management roles

  • US Steel, Systems Analyst


  • Powerlink Advisory Board

  • Chatham CWE MyBoard

  • Duquesne University  ISM Advisory Board

  • Pittsburgh CIO Group

  • Pittsburgh Disability Employment Project for Freedom Board of Directors

  • FIATECH Board of Directors

  • AEC Systems Board of Advisor


  • Finalist, 2014 Pittsburgh CIO of the Year 

  • Finalist, 2014 DATA Award 

As President of Wepfer and Associates LLC, Ms. Wepfer assists companies in assuring their information technology provide value to the business. She uses a process approach to assure companies effectively apply information technology to their product stream, and align their business processes to their information technology platforms thereby maximizing the value of their investments.  She will also work with a company to help them identify, develop and launch new products using information technology.


Prior to starting her own company, Ms. Wepfer oversaw Technology and Innovation at Matthews International, leading the innovative application of technology. She participated in overall business strategic and technology planning, bringing current knowledge and future vision of technology and systems as related to the enterprise’s competitive position. In addition, she was responsible for all enterprise wide information technology activities, overseeing their e-Services initiatives.


Ms. Wepfer led the Business and Technical Services at Watts Water Technologies.  In this role, she directed all New Product Development for the Watts Radiant product lines, and the Engineering and IT Services for both Watts Radiant and the Dormont gas connection businesses.  


Ms. Wepfer was Vice President of Information Technology at Dick Corporation, a general contractor and construction management company.  She was responsible for developing business systems strategic plans, overseeing the e-Business initiatives for the corporation, developing and overseeing technical communications as well as overseeing general technology operations.  


Ms. Wepfer held various positions with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which comprised a wide range of responsibilities including: implementing ERP systems for the corporation, developing a proposal for the implementation of an ERP system for Westinghouse Joint Ventures in China; directing information technology in support of the Electro-Mechanical Division plant manufacturing operation and the Nuclear Service Operations organization.


At US Steel, Ms. Wepfer provided technology and programming support for the steel operations of the Pittsburgh Monongahela Valley operations. 

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