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New Product Development

Ideation Services

  • Focus on growth opportunities to expand products or markets

  • Assist your organization in generation of new ideas and with concept validation

  • Jump start your innovation and ideation process with proven techniques

  • Leverage information technology into new or existing products to enable or "connect" products with IT


Product Development Process

  • Enable the product development process with a "stage gate" process

  • Accelerate product development and implementation with focused project management techniques 

  • Focus on products that allow you to maximize market returns 

  • Develop a product or technology roadmap to guide future product development


Product/Market Analysis

  • Assist organizations in evaluating the expansion of products using a product/market matrix to determine product types and market areas for expansion

  • Provide practical action plans from defined initiatives and strategies

  • Assess cost management and assess profitability


Risk Assessments

  • Assess the risk of new product development using a failure mode analysis process

  • Review issues and provide recommendations for improving existing environments 


Product Commercialization and Launch

  • Facilitate the process for prototyping, market testing/validation and product launch

  • Improve communication of commercialization and launch using stakeholder analysis and communication plans 

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