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Wepfer and Associates, LLC, is an Innovation and Information Technology consulting firm assisting companies in identifying, developing and launching new products using information technology. With CIO experience at multiple companies, Wepfer and Associates has the skills needed to help organizations of all types effectively apply information technology to their product stream, and align their business processes to their information technology platforms thereby maximizing the value of their IT investments.


Wepfer and Associates, LLC, provides strong leadership and management experience in Information Technology (IT) and business strategy, specializing in the innovative use of technology to grow businesses and introduce new products. Specialties and qualifications include: development of IT strategies in support of business operations and process improvements; people management and team building skills to develop a culture of creativity and flexibility; experience with multiple technical infrastructures.


Wepfer and Associate, LLC, focuses on more than just the new technology or innovation to assure success.  Innovating and implementing technology requires change.  We focus on how the new capabilities will change peoples work habits, require new processes and structures, and how the organization will function differently. Technology is the easy part, computers do what they are told to do.  People don't.  And the processes are normally forgotten.  


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